Wednesday, June 20, 2007



For the past four years, at least, my contribution to VBS has been to do the artwork. All this is done ahead of
time because often, I am at the beach. For years, I worked closely at VBS as a director, so this contribution suits me fine now. My husband continues to be a storyteller though.

This is the contest backdrop on a king-sized bedsheet for this year's study of Jonah.

We use a fantastic VBS program called VBS Reachout Adventures. It is a solid, meaty program that requires a lot of effort to produce, but the benefits are amazing. Usually good things require effort, right? If you ever have the opportunity to suggest an excellent VBS curriculum, try this one.

We became acquainted with the program years ago when it first came out and have been able to implement it in every church we've been in. One of the great things about
VBS Reachout Adventures is its four-year cycle. All the time-consuming prep work (aka: artwork) has already been done and is simply reused. This is our church's fourth year, so hopefully it is my last! Doing the artwork is not taking the slacker's way out, though, because it takes more time as attending VBS all week.

I do have some more artwork to complete but this one was the largest and most time-consuming. VBS isn't until the end of July, but between needing to start prep work for school and arranging another beach trip, I need to finish all of this early.


DebD said...

That is so beautiful. I wish I had such great artistic talent.

Usually good things require effort, right? Amen!

ellen b said...

That is amazing and it's as big as a king size sheet! Yikes, I'm impressed.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, girls!
I really don't have much artistic talent, Deb. I used an overhead projector and copied the lines on the sheet. Any one can do it!
And Ellen, it IS a king sized sheet!