Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Irish Potato Famine (1845)

.Nory Ryan's Song and Maggie's Door crosssed my path as the 8th graders recently studied about the Great Irish Potato Famine. Needing a light and easy book to read at night, these two fit the bill. Having descendants from Ireland, Giff researched the history, the land, and the people accurately which is portrayed in the authenticity of her storytelling.

I have marked passages in Nory Ryan's Song to read to next year's class. How vivid will it be to hear the description of the pervading awful smell of rotting potatoes when I accompany it with the real thing?

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This long weekend (we get off for President's Day) will not provide me with an extra day to get caught up and beyond all things school, or to go to the bulk food store and replenish pantry shelves with staples. No, I will just spend the day resting to recuperate from a bout with bronchitis. I noticed last week something was not normal and by Thursday, the wheezing had begun. Since then, it has been rough. My upper body aches from violent paroxysmal coughing. I wonder how I would, or could, cope with a disease such as COPD. Off for some more fluids and rest.


learningtofollow said...


I just came across your blog. It looks very interesting. I'm a homeschooling mom of two and have tended towards a classical approach. I see that you are a teacher. Do you teach at a Christian classical school? I look forward to reading more and finding good reading recommendations for my 12 & 14 y.o.'s. Blessings to you!

TTA said...

Greetings, Learning to Follow!

Thanks for stopping by Seasonal Soundings. Yes, I am a teacher. For twenty years, I homeschooled our four children all the way through high school graduation. Now I teach middle school history and English. I've always taught classically, and though we are not a "classical" school, we are trying to transition to classical.

Stop by anytime!
Seasonal Soundings

Anonymous said...

Great book suggestions, Janie, regarding the Irish Potato Famine. I had not heard or read either one of them. Your idea of bringing in a rotten potato will help bring reality to their reading. (However, I've smelled rotten potatoes before, so I'll just have to use my imagination when you report on the effects it has on your class! :) )

God bless, and keep moving in the direction you're going!

Michelle in MO