Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A new book

It doesn't take much for me to need to make a book purchase.

Yesterday was no exception.

Rarely do I find books that appeal to me at Sam's Club. They just do not carry loads of books like they used to or the variety found at Costco.

But yesterday I found four Signet Classics in very readable font, not exactly large print, but larger than usual and very gentle on my eyes. Tolstoy's Anna Karenina caught me eye. I've never read it, but after seeing some discussion on TWTM about a group of girls covenanting to read this together, I picked it up. I have a nice hardbound copy already on my shelves, but its print is small.

This copy I bought has included the DVD adaptation of the 1948 film with Vivian Leigh. Another added bonus! Hopefully, Anna will probably make the 2007 list.

Like I said, easy reasons to buy a book.


Jeff Miller said...

'07 may be the year for me to read Anna as well.
I have a copy on the shelf, but '06 is already becoming a pretty intense reading year.

As far as that goes, if I read Dante & Tolstoy & ANYTHING else, '07 may be pretty intense as well.... think I'll go lie down now....feeling light headed :)

sparrow said...

I LOVED Anna...great, great book.

Carol in Oregon said...

I, too, love Anna K. We had a girl live with during her senior year of high school. She was assigned Anna K. and put it off, and put it off. She came home one Friday and announced that she was reading it that weekend. Didn't make it, poor thing.

I'm finishing Cry, The Beloved Country and then it's on to Herodotus' The Histories. My son just completed Book I. I'm always trying to catch up!!