Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thinking about '07

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a little bit over a week away, and the weather give no indication at all that we are in the winter season. None. I turned on the air-conditioning in the car yesterday. In mid-December. It's supposed to be "In the Bleak Mid-Winter," but instead it is clear-blue-sky sunny and almost 70 degrees during the midday.

I found a new-to-me tea last week that I really like. Tazo Chai tea. With a spoon of cream. And a little sugar. Mmmm. No one spice stands out as distinguishable to me. It smells and tastes good and strong. And leaves a peppery feeling on my tongue afterwards. This promises to be a reading tea, if the weather will learn its place.

For the past few years, I have planned my yearly reading, leaving room for the list to evolve at my whim. Because of the plan, I've read wider and farther than I ever have or thought I would. For months now, I've been thinking ahead to the '07 list. Because the Winter Reading Challenge overlaps my usual beginning of the new year list, I decided to go ahead and make the '07 reading list a little early. The books are all from my own stacks. I figure with some diligence, and an occassional detour to the library and a gap for beach reading, I can get through my accumulated unread collection in a couple of years.

I categorized my plan to include several selections from fiction (popular, classic, and fluff), biography, history, education, science, juvenile fiction, and Christian. Then I decided when to read them seasonally...winter, spring, summer, and fall (read that to the tune of Carol King's "You've Got a Friend"!). Not included are books for daily study time.

Start thinking about your reading list for the New Year. It will be in...16 days!

Seasonal Soundings' 2007 Reading List

(allowing for unplanned and occassional library detours and beach reading)

Daily reading from Faith Alone (Luther), The Intellectual Devotional (Kidder), and Truths We Confess (Sproul)

Moby Dick (Melville) – audio
Realms of Gold (Ryken)
Finding God in the Questions (Johnson)
The Quality School (Glasser)
The Quality School Teacher (Glasser)
Not a Chance (Sproul)
Rediscovering Catechism (Van Dyken)

Separation of Power (Flynn)
Paul (Wangerin)
The Tides of War (Pressfield)
A Short Day Dying (Hobbs)
Year of Wonders
Drums (Boyd)
Close Friends (Jenkins)
Monks & Mystics (Withrow)

The Call (Guiness)
Long Journey Home (Guiness)
The Passionate Learner (Fried)
Poetic Knowledge (Taylor)
Reading Aloud & Beyond
Loving God with All Your Mind (Veith)

Dr. Jenner & the Speckled Monster (Marrin)
Polycarp (Newson)
To the Last Man (Marrin)
Master & Commander (Brian)
Redeeming Science (Poythress)
The Chosen (Potok)
The Promise (Potok)
Going Somewhere (Grant)

The Journey (Guiness)
Entrepreneur of Life (Guiness)
The Knowledge Deficit (Hirsch)
Smart Schools (Perkins)
Hollywood Worldviews (Godawa)
Kepler’s Witch (Conner)

The List (Dixon)
Jack’s Life (Gresham)
By Many or Few (Buckalew)
Country Days (Taylor)
Dearest Friend (Withney)
John Adams (McCullough)
Inkings (Jeschke)
Expectations (Jeschke)
Evasions (Jeschke)

Begin Here (Barzun)
A Year in Life of Will Shakespeare (Shapiro)
The Accidental Voyage (Bond)
Grandpa’s Box (Meade)
The Planets (Sobel)

Duncan’s War (Bond)
King’s Arrow (Bond)
Rebel’s Keep (Bond)
The Copper Scroll (Rosenberg)
Loving Will Shakespeare (Meyer)
The Striped Ships (McGraw)
The Revolutionary Swamp Fox (Bodie)
The Life of Gen. Francis Marion (Horry)
Paul Revere’s Ride (Fischer)


Jeff Miller said...

I am a Tazo Chai fan as well. I love the pumpkin flavor & creamy texture.

Working on my reading list as well. I'm particularly interested in the Potok books on your list. I've been eyeing them for a while as well.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Carol in Oregon said...

Can you believe I'm actually salivating while I read this? I love your lists, Janie! Wider and farther - what great expansive words! I love that you continue to read juvenile fiction.

I will work on my list next week. I also plan to work on some serious reading next week. I have three Wendell Berrys waiting for me!

Carson and Taryn gave us a huge basket from Trader Joes as a thank you. In it was a Trader Joes chai with no sugar added. It's a mix, not leaves. So I'm ready with my tea and my books.

And, my dear friend, we have all the bitter cold, splintery wind you could desire out here in Oregon. The fire is crackling and radiating warmth.

At least it's dark early, no?