Friday, December 15, 2006

Fine Art Friday

"Wildflowers," 2006
Su Blackwell

From the artist,

"In previous work I've asked the audience to write down their dreams and float them in a bowl of water, watching as their writing disperses and fades. Flowers flourish, then wither, and a child's cotton dress disintegrates as it becomes something else...a cloud of butterflies.

I undergo repetitive labour-intensive processes that often involve sewing, knotting, folding and cutting, intimate actions that reveal the hand at work. My methods of working are a meditative process, which can develop into an intrinsic type of ritual, whereby I take the familiar and by a matter of fact manner move it towards the fantastic.

I use non-art materials such as books and clothes to create work which evokes a sense of dreamy melancholy or magical enchantment. I'm interested in the realm of fairy-tales and folk-legends and have been working on a series of book-works exploring these themes, externalising the pages of the book and allowing it to be read in another way.

I find the materialization of the flat piece of paper an almost magical process.

As I become more involved in the making, I feel like I am creating small stage sets, inhabited by characters caught up in their own magical, whimsical and sometimes haunting journeys.

The book-cut sculptures are displayed in glass cases, like relics found in a Victorian museum.
I am currently working with a filmmaker exploring the medium of animation, as a process in which to bring another dimension to my sculptural paper pieces."

I think these creations are so unique and interesting. What an interesting project something like this would be using discarded library books for images. So many ideas--timeline of history or science or inventions or music, types of trees or nuts or pinecones, history of fashion or costumes, and lots more. Cutting time could be accomplished to the tune of an audio book.

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