Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our yearly visitor

Almost every year, he (or is it she?) emerges down the old oak tree.
Sometimes we see him, sometimes not.
Today we did.

He is a Black Racer...

...sliding down the tree,

...then deciding to go across the tree,

...now up the tree,

...and now changing directions going up.

Then Meagie the cat saw him.

"Will it play?"

It is amazing that this snake can seemingly fly through the grass without the appearance of moving. Those muscles sure aren't like mine are! He is on his way toward the creek.

Meagie has the curiosity of a cat and follows until the snake suddenly bolts for the creek. Meagie responds with a straight-up-in-the-air jump and bristles his tail into a feather duster.

All the while, Abbey lounges around oblivious to all the excitement.

"You inspire us with the beauty of creation." ~Aquinas


DebD said...

We just saw our first black snake of the season this weekend too. I never thought about it being the same one, but I guess it is. He/she is quite welcome in our yard as we have serious mouse and chickmonk issues.

Those are some really great photos! Its amazing how they can go across the tree trunk like that.

Michelle Matheny said...

What fantastic photos! You should be a professional photographer! Did you get close to the snake, or "zoom in"?

I love the cat with one blue and one green eye!

Any feedback yet on the classical Christian school job opportunity? Still praying here!

Donna Boucher said...

Creepy and exciting and interesting!
That's nature for ya :o)

Does the snake live in the tree?
Is it poisonous?

Dana said...

Photojournalism....very nice:)

And the cat with two differently-colored eyes.

Dana in Ga
PS The last time I was that close to a black racer, I was 8 yrs old! Guess you can say it was a memorable experience.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, girls!

Black racers aren't dangerous; they are really helpful at controlling rodents and such. I did get close and I'm not scared of them, but I Will. Not. pick them up. My boys think absolutely nothing of it, though. I think the black racers are really pretty snakes and love to see their long bodies literally racing through the yard.

Hoping to hear this week about the job, Michelle. Thanks for remembering!

Dana, I'll bet a black racer will cross you AT path one day!

And yes, Abbey's eyes are so pretty!