Monday, June 25, 2007

My favorite issue

The latest issue of WORLD Magazine just arrived.

The books issue is my favorite of the year. Every year.

And it is threatening to derail my afternoon of school planning.
And my evening that we have planned to watch the 2003 Masterpiece Theatre version of Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Of special interest to me in this "Books Issue" of WORLD is the article on Jan Karon vs. Wendell Berry about "Fictional Communities: From Mitford to Port William, two elegant writers show different sides of Scripture--grace and the valley of the shadow of death."

Take a look at WORLD. If you are not a subscriber, you can subscribe to the online version. For this issue, it might be worth it!


Dana said...

Probably I should refrain from commenting since I havent actually finished one of Berry's books, but Karon seems like a light-weight compared to him.

I thoroughly enjoy Karon, but her writing style is simple, not challenging as I expect Berry to be.

Karon wrote the Foreward to the Footprints of a Pilgrim (about Ruth Graham) which I am reading now.

Which Berry should I read first?

DebD said...

We used to get World Mag. and the book issue was by far my fav. issue.


Seasonal Soundings said...

Well, Dana, I've only read one Berry and that was Jayber Crow. But that one hooked to put the rest of his fiction on my TBR list.

Reading Karon is like a leisurely stroll on a country lane, while reading Berry, imo, is like a stroll where you must watch your footing.

Maybe Carol knows if there is a sequence to Berry's books. YooHoo, Carol...


Carol in Oregon said...

First off - what debd said.

Janie, if you came to my house one of my treasures I would show you is all the clippings from World book reviews that I have in page protectors in a big binder. Just last night I put more special issues (favorite movies and books by evangelical leaders) into the binder.

A couple at church gives us their cast off Worlds now, so I'll have to wait a few weeks.

Now, Dana, I would recommend That Distant Land to begin with on Berry. It is a collection of short stories, so you can slip a story in between your other reading. That Distant Land contains all of his short stories to date and places them in chronological order (by the setting). Also, in the table of contents it tells you where Berry's novels of Port William fit in between the short stories.

My enthusiasm for Wendell Berry has taken a bit of a nosedive recently. Go to amazon and type in My Mercy Encompasses All. The subtitle is "The Koran's Teachings on Compassion, Peace and Love". Blech.

I still like his other writing, but I can't enthuse as much knowing he wrote the forward to that book. Berry is that way, though. He never fits into anybody's box completely.

I will now end my blog length comment!