Thursday, December 04, 2014

All the Rest Who Made Up His World

A few days ago I came across a few words at the end of a sentence which gave me pause.

"Then he prayed for Dooley and Henry and Peggy and all the rest who made up his world . . . ."

I'd been reading Jan Karon's In the Company of Others. The particular words that gave me pause were "all the rest who made up his world." I like that....Praying for those who make up our world.

So I marked it as I usually do lines that impress me.

Then just a day or so later, this article comes across my horizon: "No, I Won't Pray for You." It's worth the few minutes of time it will take you to read it. This is an honest (maybe brutally honest, depending on how you look at it) response to a general call to personal pray for someone, particularly someone who does not "make up our world."

We have become so conditioned to be nice and polite that, on the surface, this response of "no" is cold and unfeeling and . . . "not Christian of you." But Challis has some good points in his article. I'm not sure I could be so bold, but when asked to pray for or about someone that does not make up my world, my response is often deferred to not hold me accountable to that promise.

Those who make up my world. I like this. There is an intimacy here that doesn't exist with a shopping list type of prayer requests.

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