Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Reading Life: An Irish Country Christmas

An Irish Country Christmas (Alice Taylor) was one of two Christmas books I chose to read during the Winter Reading Challenge. "Charming" seems to be a description chosen by several others, and it is. Taylor's descriptions tugged me nostalgically, until I realized how difficult tasks were then as compared to now. I do think, though, that the expectancy and joyfulness of the Christmas season was more enjoyed during this time of simplicity...simplicity in "things" but not in tasks.

One area of surprise to me was all the housecleaning in days prior to Christmas. Wow! The chilliness of the weather coupled by the water used for cleaning and the house being opened up doesn't seem to me to be a good time for this "spring cleaning" as I would call it. But, it was a time of little farm activity, so I suppose that is one factor. Nonetheless, the descriptions were interesting, and the children's participation was encouraging.

I look forward to reading more of Taylor's books throughout this next year. Incidentally, there are two books with this same title and the same author's last name. Patrick Taylor, author of the Irish Country doctor series, wrote a book with the same title and whose books I plan to read also.

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